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November 2, 2015 by Relevant

Part of investing in our community is partnering with other organizations that also care about the people of Elkhorn. That’s why we work with C.O.P.E — Christian Outreach Program of Elkhorn. C.O.P.E exists to provide and connect resources in western Douglas County for those whose needs are temporarily greater than their means. You can learn more about C.O.P.E on their website at


Relevant currently has representation on COPE’s board of directors, we support them financially, and, when needed, we try to make the Relevant community aware of opportunities to volunteer with their organization.


Currently, here are two ways that you can make an impact through C.O.P.E.


1) C.O.P.E. has a need for volunteers to help in their food pantry and clothing distribution areas, as well as some office help. If interested, email Relevant’s Joe DiMinico at or call COPE at (402) 616-2330.


2) C.O.P.E. is launching their Angel Drive fundraiser, as well as their annual Adopt-A-Family Christmas Party on December 12th, from 2:00-4:00pm. Volunteers and finance donations are needed. If interested, email Joe DiMinico at or call COPE at (402) 616-2330.


Also, C.O.P.E is looking for a new Executive Director. This is a part-time paid position that would be perfect for the right person. A way to really be involved and get paid to do it! A complete position description, application, and applying instructions can be found on the COPE website

August 19, 2015 by Relevant



We’ve spent the summer trimester digging into the book of Ephesians.


While under house arrest for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus, the apostle Paul wrote a letter to the church in Ephesus and declared two main themes:

1) That mankind has been reconciled – once and for all – to God through the work of Jesus Christ


2) How Christ-followers should practically live out this union with God and union with His body of believers, the Church.


It has been awesome to see how God has transformed us into a church that is MORE united with Christ, living out our unity through loving Him and one another through this series!


If you missed any weeks in this series, I encourage you to check out the Ephesians series page and listen to the podcast on the website or the Relevant app on your mobile device.


Check out the image we’ve put together to recap what we’ve learned this summer:


Ephesians recap


-Pastor Ronnie

August 5, 2015 by Relevant


This past Sunday, I talked about how the marriage relationship was created by God to be patterned after and a reflection of Jesus’ relationship with His Church.  My main point was that we practically love our spouse like Jesus first loved us through mutual submission. Mutual submission asks the question, “What can I do for you?”


Loving our spouse like Jesus first loved us is the hardest thing we’ll ever do, but we must because God’s bigger picture and purpose for marriage is at stake—that is, for the world to know His love.


Jesus loves his Church so much that he sacrificed himself for us. God designed the marriage relationship for us to know that type of love, and reflect that type of love in the world. That is our purpose, but living out your purpose as ONE doesn’t happen when you say “I do”.  It takes a lifelong commitment to live out the same love Jesus first gave us with one another.


Love means sacrificing all of me (what I want, how I feel like, what’s best for me, what I need), for all of you (what you need, what’s best for you).  Loving like this will take a thousand small choices every day to lay down your life and give up all of me for all of you.


Marriage is essential for us to know and experience the love of Jesus and to reflect the love of Jesus in the world. Marriage is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, because loving like Jesus is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, and because Hell is set against it.  Satan is attacking marriage and trying to thwart God’s purposes in this world.


True love in marriage is going to cost you everything – just look at the cross – but it is worth it.  By the grace of God, you can love like Jesus.  Remind yourself of this truth every day: “It can be done…IT IS WORTH IT!”


Stand firm and never quit!  Daily keep asking your spouse “What can I do for you?”


mutual submission (1)


John 13:35 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


Pastor Ronnie


July 20, 2015 by Relevant


Your identity determines what you do.


Many of us look for and find our identities in a lot of different things.




Social status.

Jobs and professions.




Our family name.

Our health.

Our strengths.

Our abilities.

Our personality type.

Our “good deeds” and acts of service.

Our outward appearance.

Church attendance.

The church we’re a part of.

What others think of us.

Even our insecurities.


Have you ever noticed yourself behaving like those you’re around?


We’re all part of a family in some way, shape, or form. From a young age, we see how children resemble their parents. Kids take on the mannerisms, vocabulary, attitudes, and even beliefs of their parents. How often do you hear, “You remind me so much of your mom/dad”? We become and behave like those we identify with.


For those of us who have put our faith in Jesus by asking Him to be the Forgiver of our sins and Leader of our lives, we’re called FOLLOWERS of Jesus for a reason. We’re to look, act, talk, and behave like the One we follow [Jesus]. We’re to be identified with Jesus.


My prayer for us, individually and as a church, is that instead of looking to people, positions, possessions, and our performance to form our identities, we find our identities solely in Jesus Christ.


like Jesus (1)


Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”


February 17, 2015 by Relevant



Sunday we continued our “Filled” series, and I preached a sermon called “How to Hear the Spirit.”  If you’ve put your faith in Jesus by asking Him to be the Forgiver of your sins and Leader of your life, the Holy Spirit has made residence in you and is constantly speaking, teaching, and guiding you.  Often times, the problem with hearing the Holy Spirit speak has nothing to do with Him being silent, but that the volume of our lives is so loud we can’t hear Him.  To hear the Holy Spirit speak clearly, we must intentionally decrease the volume of life.


One discipline I suggested to incorporate into your life to decrease the volume is a consistent and set time alone in the quiet.  In those times, I challenged you to read Scripture prayerfully.  Prayer and Scripture are the “deadly combo” to hear from the Holy Spirit. As you increase your Biblical engagement, you will increase the odds that you will hear the Holy Spirit speak.


You may be thinking…so when I get “alone in the quiet” with God, what do I do?

Here are some suggestions that I personally use  when I get alone in the quiet with God:


You may consider starting a prayer journal to write down what you’re praying about, thinking about, what you hear the Spirit speaking to you…


PRAY: start with prayer. Prayer is simply where you speak to God and He speaks to you. Lay all your stuff at his feet. Tell him what is on your heart. Ask him to unveil what he wants to say. Journal it if it helps.


READ: Read a passage of Scripture slowly, asking yourself, “what is it saying?” Listen carefully. Journal your thoughts.


OBSERVE: Slow down and ask God to focus your attention on the part of the passage He desires you to.

When something sticks out, ask questions like:

  • What are You trying to speak to me through that?
  • What does the Spirit want this to mean in my life?
  • What does this mean for my life? My life situations? My inner thoughts and feelings?

APPLY: Prayerfully consider and wait on God to apply the passage to your life.

Ask yourself:

  • What will I do in response to what I have read and understood?
  • When will I do it?
  • With whom will I do it? Journal it.

PRAY: Finally, pray for God’s enabling power. Listen during this time. Just sit and rest.


TELL: After your time alone in the quiet, tell someone what God spoke to you. Make it public. Reflect on it throughout the day.



Maybe you have tried to read the Bible in the past and quit because you didn’t understand it. If so, you are not alone!  Two additional tools that can be really helpful are Relevant’s Weekly T-Life Guides and a good Study Bible.


Relevant’s Weekly T-Life Guides: Every week we publish a T-Life (Transformed Life) Guide to help guide you into reading Scripture prayerfully based on Sunday’s sermon.  We give you additional Scripture, prayers, and challenge questions to pray through for every day of the week.  The T-Life Guides can be accessed on Relevant’s website, or the Relevant mobile app.  I challenge you to start using the T-Life guides individually and with others.  I believe this tool can help you hear the Holy Spirit speak.


Study Bibles: Study Bibles are another great tool for anyone who wants to understand the Bible better.  They have notes on every page that help explain verses.  There are two Study Bibles I would recommend above all others: (1) The ESV Study Bible, and the (2) NIV Study Bible by Zondervan.  I personally own both of these Study Bibles, and I read the ESV Study Bible every day.


I hope these tools and suggestions help you hear the Holy Spirit speak more clearly through God’s written WORD…the Bible.


Pastor Ronnie


February 16, 2014 by Ronnie Rothe

Here’s a great tool to help you better understand the Bible.

Beginning March 3, 2014, Crown College will offer a free, seven-week online class entitled “Understanding the New Testament.” The course is ideal for small groups, families, or  individuals who want to enhance their understanding of God’s Word. Participants will need internet access, a Bible, and a copy of The New Testament in Antiquity by Gary Burge. For more information or to enroll, go to Crown Online and click on “Understanding the New Testament”. When you go to enroll, the Institution should be “Crown College”.

Contact John Schluchter at if you have any problems or questions.

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October 21, 2013 by Ronnie Rothe

As you know by now, we believe God has called us to the city of Elkhorn. We believe God has strategically placed us here to usher in His Kingdom. We believe God wants us to serve Elkhorn, and make His love known. Our mission is not to be the biggest church in Elkhorn, but to be a church for Elkhorn.

We are not called to do this by ourselves, and we don’t have to. An awesome ministry with the same mission exists in Elkhorn. That ministry is called Campus Life. Campus Life is a “club” based campus ministry, and is uniquely positioned to serve the community and students of Elkhorn as an organization that meets on middle school and high school campuses. Campus Life’s mission is to see that “every student would hear the Gospel of Christ from someone they know and trust.” I have a passion for Campus Life, because it was through this ministry that I put my faith in Jesus.

Jacob Peterson is the Elkhorn Campus Life Director. Jacob and Melissa have been part of Relevant for about 18 months, and are volunteer Staff. He runs “club” at the three Elkhorn middle schools and two high schools.

In order for every student to hear the Gospel of Christ from someone they know and trust, Campus Life needs to engage more and more loving adults with these students. That is where you come in. Elkhorn Campus Life Middle School Clubs have grown beyond their present relational capacity. Jacob is seeking volunteers who love Christ to join him in sharing the Gospel with the Middle School students of Elkhorn.

I realize this may scare you, that you may feel unqualified, or that you don’t have enough time. Well, let me take some of those reservations away. Practically engaging looks this way:

  1. Commit to be a part of our Middle School Campus Life “Club.” These clubs meet at 7:00am: Thursdays at Elkhorn Ridge Middle School, Fridays at Elkhorn Middle School, Fridays at Elkhorn Valley View Middle School.
  2. Your responsibilities at club are limited to your desire and gift sets, with one exception. Every leader commits to praying for, seeking out, and following up weekly with three students at the club setting. We desire that those three students would know every week that they will be approached, sought out, and loved.
  3. The total time commitment per week is approximately 1.5 hours. Arrive by 6:45 with club ending at 8:00. If you need to be to work by 8:00, you have all freedom to leave early.

I have talked to many of you who are interested in working with students, but can’t commit to the Relevant Student Ministry on Wednesday evenings. Well…here is your chance. While reading this, if something grabbed your heart and got you excited, don’t just pass over that. This may be how God wants to use you for His Kingdom in Elkhorn. Act now by contacting Jacob and letting him know you might be interested: (402) 403-9527 or

It is an honor living on mission with you. Thank you for serving in the various capacities that you do to see the lives of the people of Elkhorn transformed!

Pastor Ronnie

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October 13, 2013 by Ronnie Rothe

At Relevant, it is very important to us to move people from being “consuming” church members, to mission driving investors. One of the ways that happens is by engaging people in a ministry where they can live their strengths, instead of just serving out of obligation. This is a big area of focus when people go through Volunteer Staff Orientation ( Another way that happens is by people not doing too much. We want people to do a few things very well, instead of a lot of things. The more and more roles someone takes on, the less effective they will be at anything they are doing, and the more likely they will get burned out.

That brings me to our Sunday morning teams, and what I refer to as “All Hands on Deck.” Did you know it takes over 75 volunteer positions to pull off our Sunday Gatherings? It’s true! That is a lot of people. We have always referred to Sunday morning teams as “All Hands on Deck”, because we truly need as many people as possible to serve on Sunday mornings so that we don’t burn people out. They are the easiest positions to serve in because we are already there on Sundays anyway.

Recently I have noticed that there are a growing number of people serving in 2-3 different roles on Sundays. That shouldn’t happen. We have plenty of people at Relevant. We don’t need or want people to serve in 2-3 different roles on Sundays.

So, here is my challenge to you today. First, if you are trying to help as much as you can and are one of those people who are serving in 2-3 different roles on Sunday mornings, STOP! Get off of a team or two. I appreciate your willingness to serve, but you are going to burn yourself out! Second, if you are not serving in an “All Hands on Deck” Sunday team, start now. Let this be the first step in becoming a mission driving investor instead of a consuming church member. You are needed! You can sign today here:

Let’s work together. Let’s get “all hands on deck” and work with one another. Let’s get “all hands on deck” and make sure we are all pulling our weight to achieve what we need to do on Sunday mornings.

Pastor Ronnie

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August 26, 2013 by Ronnie Rothe

We feel called to do everything we can to usher in God’s Kingdom in our city (Elkhorn). One of the ways we do this is by trying to meet some of the biggest needs. A couple years ago, the Elkhorn School District told us that one of the biggest needs is more adult tutors for students who need academic, social, and emotional help.

Throughout August we have been doing a Ministry Spotlight on Elkhorn Schools Tutoring. Go to if you missed any of the information presented throughout this month. Furthermore, we interviewed a teacher, principal, school counselor, and administrator that we have worked with over the past year about why tutoring is so important, and put the following video together:

What follows are some needed roles as it pertains to Elkhorn Schools Tutoring. If you are interested in the potential of engaging, please contact Jerry Rainey at or Traci Mock at

 #1 Tutors: Tutors develop relational connections with a student in an Elkhorn School. Tutors may choose the age of student, and preferred school and time. The purpose of this tutoring relationship is to come alongside a student to help them academically, socially, or emotionally. It is important to remember that the most important aspect in tutoring is simply “showing up,” and being a positive role model in a student’s life.

#2 Tutor Supporter: Tutor Supporters develop relationships with tutors for the purpose of encouragement and prayer. We believe that God has great plans for our schools so this role acts as the prayer warrior and encourager for tutors, students, teachers and administrators in Elkhorn Schools.

As you read over these roles, if there was something that grabbed your heart or imagination, act on it! Don’t wait. This may be how God wants to use you to drive the mission forward and advance His Kingdom.

“It’s your community. What you put into it is what you get out of it.” – Chad Soupir, Elkhorn Valley View Middle School Principal

Pastor Ronnie and Pastor Jerry

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April 30, 2012 by Ronnie Rothe

We consider everyone who calls Relevant their home church to be a member of Relevant; however, our members don’t drive the mission. They might just show up on Sunday occasionally, but they aren’t invested. Staff, on the other hand, are members who take on the leadership responsibility of driving the mission forward, by moving from being a consumer to being an investor with their passions, strengths, resources, and relationships.  Staff are the people of Relevant that function as a true “body” by sharing common beliefs, mission, and commitments.  Staff is something big to commit to, something transformational to commit to, something life-changing to dedicate to.  Staff live the mission deeper and they get to celebrate it, feel it, and experience it deeper than members…because they DID IT, they made it happen, they worked for it, they sweat, they gave, they bled TOGETHER!

This Sunday, 2e will be commissioning 11 new Staff who just completed the 10 week Staff Orientation. 

• Ellie Boomer
• Steve Dean
• Sara Frank
• Krystal Ford
• Julianne Harm
• Dan Henery
• Jeff Henery
• Jennifer Marion
• Scott Marion
• Hallie Paulson
• Karry Whitten

I am so humbled that these people have taken on the leadership responsibility of driving the mission forward, and can’t wait to see the transforming work that God does in and through them…TOGETHER!

Pastor Ronnie

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