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Follow Me | Week 5: The Fine Print | February 11 - 17
Main Point: Salvation is free; it costs us nothing. But following Jesus will eventually cost us something.
Challenge Question: Will you follow Jesus by denying what you want, for what He wants?
Key Verse: Mark 8:35
Scripture References: Mark 8:27-38 Jeremiah 29:11
From Last Week ...
Last week we discovered that followers of Christ wear the same thing that Jesus wears- LOVE. When we love people the way He loves us, then we are following Him. Evaluate what you are wearing in different relationships in your life. If it's not love, how can you change your actions?
Jesus invited everyone to follow Him. While salvation is free and costs us nothing, following Jesus eventually costs us something such as career changes, money, or even relationships. That's because Jesus offers us the choice of denying ourselves now or losing ourselves later. Paying the price to follow Jesus is well worth the cost.
Discussion Questions
  1. Talk about a time when you knew you were supposed to do something difficult. Did you do it? What was the outcome?
  2. Have you ever seen someone else pay a price for his or her decision to follow Jesus? How did that person's experiences influence your own faith?
  3. Read Mark 8:34-36. How do Jesus' words challenge you? In what ways do they give you comfort?
  4. In the message, Pastor Ronnie said, "In the future you'll tell 1 of 2 stories; 1. I couldn't say no to me, so I said no to Jesus or 2. I couldn't say no to Jesus, so I said no to me." Which statement tells your story? Describe how that decision affects your daily life.
  5. Are you currently being nudged to do something, say something, quit something, start something, or give up something? What can this group do to support you?
Next Step Challenge
Following Jesus may cost you something that feels important to you. But your soul is worth more than whatever following Jesus costs you. Will you follow Jesus by denying what you want for what He wants? How can this group encourage you to take that next step?
Memory Verse
For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. -Mark 8:35
For a full recap of Sunday's sermon with media, visit the Follow Me - The Fine Print page.
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