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Follow Me | Week 3: Fearless | January 28 - February 3
Main Point: To be a follower of Jesus means following Jesus into His Kingdom purposes where fear is overcome by faith.
Challenge Question: Are you following Jesus into His story?
Key Verse: Romans 8:37
Scripture References: Luke 8:15-25 Matthew 10:21-31 Romans 8:31-39
From Last Week ...
Following Jesus requires us to take next steps. Last week we learned that sometimes taking that next step means simply obeying Jesus by doing something you've done a thousand times before in a different way because He asked you. Taking that next step frees you to follow Jesus His way and allows Him to transform your heart. What next step did you take this past week?
Jesus has something great for His followers, but following Him isn't always easy. Often times, He leads us through difficult journeys that we don't understand. This causes us to either trust Jesus or stop following Him because we're scared. Satan sees these difficulties as opportunities to plant fear into our minds. Don't let fear stop you from following Jesus. Let your story reflect the faithfulness, love, and power of Jesus Christ.
Discussion Questions
  1. How do you currently picture God? Is He like a loving Father with open arms, a distant judge waiting to pound a gavel, or someone else? Why do you think you view God in this way and how do you think He views you?
  2. In what ways does fear play a role in your life? How does fear keep you from following Jesus?
  3. Have everyone in your group turn to Romans 8:31-39 (Make sure you are reading from the same translation). Together, read aloud as a whole group this passage and allow the words to sink in. Take turns discussing what parts of the passage were meaningful or challenging to you. How do these words encourage you to follow Jesus?
  4. When talking about fear, Jacob said on Sunday, "It could be the most illogical and impossible reality, but it is Satan's greatest weapon to silence the follower of Jesus, to snuff out the light of faith, and to overwhelm one from fulfilling their purposes." Do you think being fearless in following Jesus is possible in your own life? What are some practical ways that you can choose faith over fear?
  5. Think about how your own story has been written up to this point in your life. Will your story continue on as is or will the rest reflect the transformation that comes with following Jesus into His Kingdom? Where fear is hindering you from taking next steps, share with each another right now. How can this group encourage and pray for you?
Next Step Challenge
Using the plot line provided online, take some time to write out the events of your life starting at the beginning and ending on this current day. When you're finished, reflect on the journey you've been through. Thank God for what He's done in your life. Praise Him for His goodness. Where there's fear, ask God for courage to follow Him and choose to trust Him even when it's scary. This week, share your plot line with another person from this group or use it as a tool to share Jesus with someone who doesn't follow Him yet.
Memory Verse
In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37
For a full recap of Sunday's sermon with media, visit the Follow Me - Fearless page.
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