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How to Be Rich: Living at 212° | Week 2: Trust in the Giver, Not the Gift | November 05 - 11
Main Point: We "Be Rich" by transferring our trust from riches, to the One who richly provides.
Challenge Question: Are you trusting in riches, or the One who richly provides?
Key Verse: 1 Timothy 6:17
Scripture References: 1 Timothy 6:17 Proverbs 18:11 Ecclesiastes 5:10 Matthew 6:24
From Last Week ...
We've spent this past week daily admitting, "God has blessed me with more than I need ... I'm rich!" How has that statement shifted your perspective on everyday living?
Having more than we need creates a sense of security, and our natural tendency is to trust in wealth. This creates a problem as Jesus warns us that we cannot serve both God and money. Trusting in riches leads to arrogance, anxiety, uncertainty, and disappointment. Trusting in God, the source of everything we have, leads to true security, peace, hope, joy, and life. When we trust God instead of riches, we can keep our generosity at 212 because our hope lies in the Giver, not the gift.
Discussion Questions
  1. Think about your 212 journey. How would you describe the current temperature of your generosity?
  2. Where in your life is it most difficult to trust God? Why do you think this is so? Share an example with your group.
  3. Turn in your Bibles to 1 Timothy 6:17. If God has "richly provided everything for our enjoyment," why is it hard for us to experience joy in what He has given?
  4. Pastor Ronnie asked us on Sunday, "How hard is it for you to do the right thing when it will cost you financially?" Give an example from your own life where you struggled to do the right thing financially. What was the outcome and if you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
  5. Are you trusting in riches, or the One who richly provides? If riches, name some practical ways you can transfer your trust to God this week. If God, in what specific ways will you continue or turn up the heat in your generosity journey?
Next Step Challenge
212 is all about trusting God enough to do what HE calls us to do. We've already established that "God has blessed me with more than I need ... I'm rich," and we've been challenged to add this week, "But I will not trust in my riches, but in Him who richly provides." When we trust God more by turning up the heat of our generosity to 212, He is able to do more in and through us than we could ask. This week, ask God what He would have you do in regards to your generosity as you trust in Him.
Memory Verse
Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. 1 Timothy 6:17
For a full recap of Sunday's sermon with media, visit the How to Be Rich: Living at 212° - Trust in the Giver, Not the Gift page.
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