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Trust Me: 5 Ingredients for Gaining Confidence in God | Week 2: Practical Teaching | September 24 - 30
Main Point: God wants to grow our trust in Him, and it grows one obedient next step at a time.
Key Verse: Matthew 7:24
Scripture References: Matthew 7:24-29 Luke 4:28-29
Can you imagine...a life of full surrender in trust and faith to the person of God? A life of full confidence because of full trust and faith? As we continue this week by looking at the 1st of 5 ingredients that commonly used to grow people's faith, we see that Practical Bible Teaching that is driven by relevant application in our lives today is step number one. We know that Jesus taught for application, not knowledge collection for the sake of knowledge. We see that God grows our faith and trust through one step of obedience at a time. As we apply God's teachings from the Word, we are brought into greater levels of trust in Him and our faith grows allowing us to take greater steps of obedience. Ultimately, we have to place ourselves consistently placing in environments that will give us practical Bible teaching driving us towards obedience, trust, and faith.
Discussion Questions
  1. Last week we were challenged to pray through the five elements of growing our faith and seek God's insights on how our lives would be different with absolute confidence in God. Share any insights, promptings from the Spirit, or challenges that you experienced as a result.
  2. Share about your past experiences or upbringing with gaining knowledge of God and the Bible. What were some of the best and worst environments in which you found yourself? What differentiated those? Share a time perhaps where you gained new insights from God through the Bible and applied them.
  3. Open your Bible to Matthew 7:24-29. As you read through this illustration, what does it mean for your life today? What about your past? What about tomorrow? As you assess your own life-applications of Biblical truth, which sort of foundation does it most closely represent?
  4. Taking a step of faith out of obedience for the first time can one of the most radical experiences for a follower of Jesus. Share about some steps of obedience you have taken in your life and how they built your trust, faith, and led to another step of obedience.
Moving Forward
The first and most essential element to entering into the cycle of obedience which leads to trust which leads to faith which leads to obedience is to consciously and faithfully place oneself into an environment for practical Bible teaching that leads to transformation, not just knowledge collection. As you consider this reality, journal through some of the environments that you find yourself in on a consistent basis (work, home, school, friends, games, etc.). How are these environments impacting your obedience, trust, and faith in God? After some honest reflection, commit before the Lord in prayer to discover which environments drive you closer in your obedience towards God and which pull you from it. As you do this, ask God to reveal some clear strategies for you that will allow you to experience an environment of practical Bible teaching on a regular basis or how you can assist in creating this environment for others. Create and share a simple plan that would enable you to move forward in your obedience, trust, and faith in God and to His Word.
The Word Speaking Life
Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man you built his house on the rock. -Matthew 7:24
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