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Trust Me: 5 Ingredients for Gaining Confidence in God | Week 1: Big Faith | September 17 - 23
Main Point: God wants to grow our trust in Him, but that doesn't happen by accident.
Key Verse: Matthew 8:10
Scripture References: Matthew 8:1-3 Matthew 8:5-10
Can you imagine...a life of full surrender in trust and faith to the person of God? From beginning to end of the Scriptures and the life experience of believers who followed after, God calls us first and foremost to trust in Him. Relationship with God is initiated with trust and sustained with trust. Just like the centurion, God calls us to have Big Faith in who God is and what he is calling us into. This is accomplished through consistent growth in the person of Jesus and placing our trust in Him. This is done through 1) Practical Biblical Teaching, 2) Providential Relationships, 3) Private Disciplines, 4) Personal Ministry, and 5) Pivotal Circumstances. Each of these elements takes time and a movement of the Spirit, but placing ourselves and our key relationships into environments where this can happen is essential to growing our faith which will lead to more and more engagement with the Spirit and God's plan for His Kingdom in our lives.
Discussion Questions
  1. With last week being transformation Sunday, share how God has been at work in your own life here in 2017. If you had to come up with a word for you and your relationship with God, what would it be and why?
  2. Talk about trust. What does it look like in practicality in your own life? Where have you seen trust given to you and where have you trusted others. Share about some times where your trust was broken and it impacts how you trust God or others today.
  3. Grab a Bible and open to Matthew 8:1-10. Read through this story again from Sunday's message. As you proceed through the passage, consider for your own life what you need cleansed or healing from? Where are you going currently for this healing? Is it to God, or somewhere else? What would trust look like in your life in this given situation? Where is your "faith" in God right now for this situation?
  4. Respond to this statement and how it has played itself out in your life, the life of others, or the difference it could make in your life: "The greater our trust, the greater the relationship. The greater the relationship, the more intimacy we have with our heavenly Father."
Moving Forward
This week we want to acknowledge the opportunities before us the grow our faith through practical steps of faith and trust. Consider the "Five Ingredients" that God commonly uses to grow our faith, trust, and confidence in Him (Practical Teaching [Biblical], Providential Relationships, Private Disciplines, Personal Ministry, and Pivotal Circumstances). This week, commit in prayer to letting God speak to your hearts about these five ingredients. These are five elements to practical faith in God that grow our faith and trust in God that brings about confidence in what He has for us. Each of these ingredients has incredible implications for our overall relationship with God and others. As you commit these elements to prayer this week, journal through a practical step or focus that God has for you along these lines over the next few weeks. As we move through this series considering these ingredients, continue to ask yourself, "How would life look different if I had absolute confidence that God was with me?"
The Word Speaking Life
When Jesus heard this, He was amazed and said to those following Him, "Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith." -Matthew 8:10
For a full recap of Sunday's sermon with media, visit the Trust Me: 5 Ingredients for Gaining Confidence in God - Big Faith page.
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