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Work Your Faith | Week 8: Work it Out | July 30 - August 05
Recap on Sunday's Sermon
For a full recap of Sunday's sermon with media, visit the Work Your Faith - Work it Out page.
  • Main Point: We work our faith by how we "work it out" with one another.
  • Key Verse: James 4:10
  • Scripture References: James 4:1-4 James 4:6-10
Living the Rest of Your Week
As we continue our series through James, we have seen that we gauge our faith by how we work our faith. Genuine saving faith results in actions that demonstrate the transformation that has happened in our hearts. This week, we have seen that the genuineness of our faith is never tested more than when we are in argument or tension with others inside of the Church. The highest calling on our lives is to honor God through loving Him and loving His Church. This requires, more than anything else, a sacrifice of our pride in the name of unity and humility. It means making the highest priority the needs and desires of others or the community of believers before we consider our own needs and desires. When we test our faith in this way, God has promised to honor our humility and to bring about the fullness of our relationships as He desires. We must recognize that as we engage in fellowship with one another we will find ourselves at odds and tension with one another. This is the ultimate testing ground of the genuineness of our faith. Be prepared at all times to consider others ahead of self.
Discussion Questions
  1. Two weeks ago we were challenged to consider first and foremost the wisdom from God in our advice and interactions with others in our day-to-day lives. Share how God has revealed His wisdom to you and met you in these moments as you've sought His will.
  2. The question was posed on Sunday, "What is the hardest thing for Christ-followers to do?" How did you (or do you) answer that question? Is your response encapsulated in the pride vs. humility discussion? How do pride and humility play a role in the answer you gave to this question?
  3. Consider the various stories or experiences you've had with churches being divided and split. Talk about the "surface level" conflicts that brought about those divisions or tensions. How did you see pride and humility play out in those situations. Were these resolved in healthy ways or did Satan have his way with division?
  4. Read through the passage from Sunday together from James 4:1-10. As you read, share James' overall summary of tension and division in the Church? How have you seen these passages play out in real life either in churches, your own personal relationships, or the relationships of others? Share how this biblical principle plays out in real-life relationships.
Moving Forward
We were given two great questions to ask as we engage in tension, frustration, and division with the people of God's Church...1) "What do you need?" and 2) "How can I help?" These questions are premised by this one however, "What's in me that's contributing to the "tension" with them?" God has made it clear that in order to honor Him and see His Kingdom glorified beyond human capacity, it means every individual member seeks the best for the whole and is never blind to his/her contribution to the tension. This week, come up with a way to keep these three questions in mind and committed to memory. Pray for God's Spirit to open your eyes to your own blind pride and how it is impacting how His Kingdom is represented in this world. Ask for humility from the Lord in your relationships, conversations, and in the midst of tension. Consider reflecting on Philippians 2:1-13 daily this week as we get to see here Jesus' own example of pouring Himself out for others even as the God of the Universe. Finally, if there is tension between you and another follower of Jesus, humble yourself, confront the tension in humility, and seek reconciliation through His example and Spirit. Ask for others to be in prayer for you and this experience.
The Word Speaking Life
Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will exalt you. -James 4:10
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