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Work Your Faith | Week 7: Wisdom from Above | July 16 - 22
Recap on Sunday's Sermon
For a full recap of Sunday's sermon with media, visit the Work Your Faith - Wisdom from Above page.
  • Main Point: Real wisdom - a different kind of wisdom than you might think - comes from God. And He gives us the opportunity to GO GET IT and SHOW IT with every decision and interaction.
  • Key Verse: James 3:17
  • Scripture References: Proverbs 2:1-6 Proverbs 4:7 Proverbs 8:10-11 2 Chronicles 1:6-12 1 Kings 10:23-24 James 1:5 James 3:13-18
Living the Rest of Your Week
As we continue our series through James, we have seen that we gauge our faith by how we work our faith. Genuine saving faith results in actions that demonstrate the transformation that has happened in our hearts. This week, we have seen that genuine faith can bring about wisdom from the Lord that will make our interactions of self and with others centered on God's Kingdom and His purposes. We have seen that wisdom, when given high priority and pursuit, is something tangible and attainable to every person of faith. By asking for it, God promises to give to those who ask in humility and faith. Wisdom that comes from God through His Spirit is "pure (selfless), peace-giving, considerate, submissive to God and others, and merciful." This wisdom comes only from the Father and is a key way in which we gauge our genuine saving faith through our interactions and priorities with others.
Discussion Questions
  1. Last week we were challenged to consider and memorize some Scriptures that would align our hearts and attitudes with God's perspective of and over us. Share whether you took advantage of this and how these words of God over your life are influencing your words and attitudes towards others.
  2. We were asked on Sunday to think of the "wisest" person we knew. Share who that person is, what makes you think they are wise, and how that person's life looks different than your own due to their experience and wisdom "from above."
  3. Read through James 3:13-18. As you finish, compare and contrast "pure wisdom" from "earthly" wisdom. Share about the sources of wisdom. See if you can come up with some examples of "earthly" advice that you often hear as compared to "pure" wisdom from God.
  4. Consider the five elements of wisdom that comes from God and is provided through our genuine saving faith in God: 1) Pure, 2) Peace-Giving, 3) Considerate, 4) Submits to God and Others, and 5) Merciful. As you consider your own life and your "wisdom," where are you strongest and where do you need the most transformation? Explain.
Moving Forward
This week, we are being challenged to live out of the wisdom that comes from God through our faith. This means being ready and willing to put into practice the works of wisdom that come from God. As you go through this week, commit and follow through specifically in your interactions with others to go beyond "earthly" advice. Commit to bring the five elements of faithful wisdom (See question #4 above) to your interactions. Consider "How can I bring peace to this situation?" "How can I consider this person as more important than myself?" "How can I submit to God right now in this situation?" "How can I represent Jesus in this interaction and by my response or advice?" By choosing to answer these questions even in the midst of difficult situations and where it will cost you your reputation or perhaps will make you uncomfortable, you are demonstrating your faith in God as the guiding principles in your life. This honors the Lord and brings His influence, power, and wisdom into your day-to-day interactions. Keep a record or journal of how your interactions change with your co-workers, neighbors, classmates, etc. Pray for God's insights and wisdom in your interactions as you start each day.
The Word Speaking Life
But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial, and sincere. -James 3:17
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