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Work Your Faith | Week 6: Taming the Tongue | July 09 - 15
Recap on Sunday's Sermon
For a full recap of Sunday's sermon with media, visit the Work Your Faith - Taming the Tongue page.
  • Main Point: We able to gauge our faith by the words that we speak to one another because they reveal the nature of our hearts.
  • Key Verse: Matthew 12:34
  • Scripture References: Genesis 1:26-27 James 3:2-6 James 3:9-12 Matthew 12:34 John 10:10-11 John 16:33 Matthew 19:26 John 15:15-16
Living the Rest of Your Week
As we continue our series through James, we have seen that we gauge our faith by how we work our faith. Genuine saving faith results in actions that demonstrate the transformation that has happened in our hearts. This week, we have taken a look at the words that come from our mouths. Though our tongues are but small parts of the rest of our bodies, they are powerful instruments that bring about life and death in our relationships with one another, God, and ourselves. Only when we live out of the intended purposes of creation, embracing our roles as the representatives of God on this planet, are we able to tame the wild beast that is the tongue. Because our words reveal the true nature of our hearts, aligning our lives with the words that Jesus has spoken over us allows us to live out of our new nature and heart that He has given as salvation. Thus, our words are able to produce the fruit that a life of transformation brings about.
Discussion Questions
  1. Last week we were left with the challenge to take the next step of faith that God has been asking of us but we haven't yet taken. Share how the Lord worked through this reality and how He has answered your fears or anxieties surrounding that step of obedience.
  2. Talk about the impact of a logo. How does it attract your attention? What makes a good logo? Talk about your favorite brand. What has made you committed to that brand? As you consider the "Image of God" idea as the brand or logo of God on this Earth, how does that change your perspective on the way you speak, live, and act in your daily life?
  3. Read through James 3:2-12 again. Considering the strong words with which James discusses the tongue and our words, share how people's words have impacted you for good and for ill. What about how your words have impacted others? What about others around you?
  4. Consider the hammer illustration that was given on Sunday (just because someone has told you something doesn't make it true). How are you currently living as a "pillow" when you are meant to be a hammer? What would it look like to live out of the truth of how God sees you as compared to the lies you believe in?
Moving Forward
This week we have seen that our words are the fruit of our heart's condition. For those who have put their faith in Jesus, we know that Jesus and His Spirit have given us a new heart from which to produce fruit. This genuine saving faith can be gauged by the words that we use. This week, spend time with God's words being poured into your heart. When we live out of how God sees us, we align our hearts to bring about the fruit that He has for us. Commit to memorize some Scriptures this week that align your heart to God's. Consider some of the words of Jesus or perhaps some of God's declarations from the Psalms (verses from Sunday are a good place to start (John 10:10-11, John 16:33, Matthew 19:26, John 15:15-16)). As you commit these verses to memory, ask the Lord to cause your words to reflect His image as you go through your week. Begin to filter your interactions with people according to the reality of their intended role as "image-bearers." Allow your words to bring life wherever you go in order to gauge your faith through you use your words.
The Word Speaking Life
For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. -Matthew 12:34b
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