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Work Your Faith | Week 5: Hearing vs. Doing | July 02 - 08
Recap on Sunday's Sermon
For a full recap of Sunday's sermon with media, visit the Work Your Faith - Hearing vs. Doing page.
  • Main Point: We work our faith, one next step at a time.
  • Key Verse: James 2:17
  • Scripture References: Ephesians 2:8-9 James 2:14-19 James 2:24 James 2:26 Matthew 7:16-19 James 1:22
Living the Rest of Your Week
Genuine saving faith always results in action. Though some transformation may be slow versus fast, the Holy Spirit's residence in us means that transformation will happen. We gauge our faith by how we work our faith. Thus, we can know that we have genuine saving faith based on the fruit we experience from the Holy Spirit in our lives. The most essential question to ask than is not "What should I not be doing as a Christian?" (religious task-driven question), but instead, "God, what is the next step you would have me take?" We know that we can gauge our faith by how we work our faith one "next step" at a time. When we live this way, we put into action the belief and saving faith we have in the Creator of the Universe. By putting our belief into action, our faith will grow and we will take part in the very purposes for which we have been created.
Discussion Questions
  1. Last week we were challenged to ask ourselves, "What does love require of me?" Share any insights into how God spoke to your heart and how you took action regarding "horizontal morality" this past week. What resulted from these steps of obedience? What are you hoping for going forward?
  2. The topic discussed this week at Relevant is one of the most debated and discussed ideas of Christianity the past 40-50 years...if belief is all that is required for salvation, than why do I need to be obedient? Share how you've answered this question or how others have answered this question in the past. How do you answer this question today?
  3. Respond to this statement, "It costs us nothing to become a follower of Jesus, but it costs us everything to live as one." How has this played out in your own life? Thinking back to when you put your own faith in Jesus (if you have), does this statement align with your experience? How would things be different for you if you had known this when you put your faith in Jesus or if you're considering doing it now?
  4. Read through the passages from Sunday (Ephesians 2:8-9, James 2:14-26, Matthew 7:16-19). In your own words, what is salvation, how does it take place, and what happens after? What additional question linger in your mind still or what do you still struggle to believe in this process?
Moving Forward
Genuine saving faith results in actions. We are not saved by our deeds, but they are results of the transformation that takes place when the Holy Spirit takes residence in us. In order to avoid becoming driven by religious requirements, we know that God has His purposes and mission for our lives. This week, we want to begin to ask, "What's the next step that God has been asking me to take, but I haven't?" Write this question down and place it in a place where you can be reminded (dash of your car, mirror in your bathroom, background on your phone, etc.). Each time you are prompted by the Spirit, ask this question and pause to hear from the Lord. As you progress through your week, begin to write down and collect the insights you are hearing from Him. Consider sharing this experience with another or a small group and collectively pray through the next steps that God is calling you into for His Kingdom's glory. As you do, commit to taking those steps. Ask for accountability to walk forward knowing that saving faith places us on a path of calling for our lives. Live out the transformation.
The Word Speaking Life
In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. -James 2:17
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