12 Week Sermon Series
June - August 2018
Series: "Relentless: The Book of Acts"
In the book of Acts in the Bible we learn that the early church - Jesus' first followers - was relentlessly devoted to what Jesus taught them to do. Because of their devotion, this group of ordinary people had a massive impact on the world in just one year. During this 12-part series, as we seek to be people who make a lasting impact on the world around us, we explore the key components of the first church and what it would like look if we lived with the same relentless devotion today.
3 Week Sermon Series
May 2018
Series: "How Do I Know?"
Where should I go next? Should I take this job? When will I meet the right person? What am I supposed to do in this situation? When we're faced with questions like this, it sure would be great if we knew what God wanted us to do. If anyone knows the right path to take, it'd be Him, right? The reality is that God wants us to know His will for us even more than we do! In our "How Do I Know?" series, we'll discover 3 filters we can use to discover God's will for our lives, and, in turn, make wise decisions.
4 Week Sermon Series
April 2018
Series: "The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating"
In The New Rules For Love, Sex & Dating, we explore the challenges, assumptions, and land mines associated with dating and marriage in the twenty-first century. Best of all, we offer some of the most practical and uncensored advice you will ever hear on this topic. Not for the faint of heart, The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating challenges singles and couples to step up and set a new standard for relationships.
April 2018
Message: "History's Great Mystery"
When Jesus was killed, His movement died with Him. His followers scattered. Everything He had said and done lost its value. He died, just like every other person who has walked this earth. So why did the movement re-ignite less than 50 days after His death? Why did it grow even larger than when He was alive? Why do millions of people around the globe STILL worship Jesus over 2,000 years later? The rise and expansion of Jesus' following is one of history's great mysteries that there is no plausible explanation for. On Easter weekend we explore this mystery together. Learn more at
3 Week Sermon Series
March 2018
Series: "Within Reach"
People have a lot of different opinions about what the Church IS and what the Church SHOULD be in the world today. At Relevant, we've long-said that Jesus is the hope of the world, and the Church is His agent of hope. But actually bringing REAL hope to our neighbors, our city, and world is a tall order. In this 3-part sermon series, we explore how the Church was originally meant to live and how bringing hope to the world is actually something that is within reach.
February 2018
Message: "Vision Night"
Pastor Ronnie shares what we believe is in store for Relevant in 2018, and beyond.
8 Week Sermon Series
January - March 2018
Series: "Follow Me"
For many, the Christian life feels like a long game of "Jesus Says." Jesus says pray. Jesus says give. Jesus says go to church. But upon further investigation, we discover that Jesus' invitation to his first-century audience was an invitation to relationship. And it began with a simple request—follow me. In this 8-part series, we'll go on a journey through the Gospels and dig deeper into Jesus' teachings on what it means to follow.
January 2018
Message: "Transformation Sunday: January 7"
Join us for Transformation Sunday as we look back over the last trimester and celebrate what God has done through worship, video stories, and baptism! Children's programs will only be available for birth–5 years old. We want our kids to join us at this gathering!
December 2017
Message: "Gifts"
Gifts – we all love to give them and to get them. Christmas is all about gifts, because Christmas BEGAN with a gift. In fact, the Bible tells us that God LOVES to give good gifts to His children. What kind of gift do you need from God this Christmas? Join us on Christmas Eve for an unforgettable celebration featuring Christmas music, a powerful message of hope, and few surprises!
3 Week Sermon Series
December 2017
Series: "Ghosts of Christmas Past"
For many, the most wonderful time of the year isn't so wonderful. A painful past or our own insecurities can overshadow the joy we're supposed to be feeling. What if this year could look different? It's time to let God heal the Ghosts of Christmas Past.
November 2017
Message: "Give Thanks In All Things"
A message on gratitude from Pastor Jamie Hunt.
4 Week Sermon Series
October - November 2017
Series: "How to Be Rich: Living at 212°"
If you look through a bookstore or on the internet, you'll find no shortage of resources on how to "get rich". The desire for more is a driving force in our culture. We think, "If I can just reach that income level, that will be enough." But it never is, is it? Our irresponsibility grows with our riches. It's a constantly moving target. What if, instead of trying to "get rich", we learned how to live a life of responsibility with the riches we have?

To learn more about the 212 Initiative, visit
6 Week Sermon Series
September - October 2017
Series: "Trust Me: 5 Ingredients for Gaining Confidence in God"
Your trust in God matters to God. In fact, God is most honored through your living, active, death-defying, out-of-the-box trust in Him. That being the case, he's committed to growing it. Big. Imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had absolute confidence that God was with you? Imagine how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and was planning to leverage it for good. In other words, imagine what it would be like to have PERFECT trust in God. In this 6-week series, Ronnie Rothe reveals 5 ingredients that will help us develop unwavering trust in God.
September 2017
Message: "8th Anniversary Celebration"
We celebrated Relevant's 8th Anniversary on Sunday, September 10th by looking back and praising God for what he's done this past year.

Click here to Download MP3 Audio from our Anniversary Gathering.
12 Week Sermon Series
June - August 2017
Series: "Work Your Faith"
For our summer sermon series, we'll be digging into the book of James in the Bible. One of the major themes of James is that without action, our faith is useless. Do you know how to "work your faith" in your everyday life? Join us as we fall more in love with God's Word and put our faith in action.
May 2017
Message: "Global Impact Sunday"
Global Impact Sunday is something we do every year to share updates and video stories about how our church has impacted the Karen people from Burma in the last year. We also look ahead to where we believe God is leading us in the next year.
May 2017
Message: "Transformation Sunday: May 14"
Join us for Transformation Sunday as we look back over the last trimester and celebrate what God has done through worship, video stories, and baptism! Children's programs will only be available for birth–5 years old. We want our kids to join us at this gathering!
3 Week Sermon Series
April - May 2017
Series: "Reconnect"
Thanks to technology, we are more connected as a society today than ever before. Unfortunately, because of the ways we choose to use this technology, we may also be more divided as a society than ever before. Communication happens so fast that we often become detached from the real person on the other end of our posts, texts, and emails. During this 3-week series, we're going to look at how social media, texting and email, and gossip are destroying our relationships, and how we can take steps to reconnect relationally.
April 2017
Message: "Easter Sunday at Relevant"
We all have areas in our lives where it feels like we're just hitting brick wall after brick wall. Maybe it's financial stress, strife in a relationship, obstacles with our physical health, or just a hopeless situation that we find ourselves in. No matter what we do, we can't seem to break through the walls in front us. But on Easter, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we remember that hope is available today. On Easter weekend we'll discover "Where Breakthrough Begins" together. Learn more at
7 Week Sermon Series
February - April 2017
Series: "Just Live It"
God calls us to make an eternal impact in people's lives by sharing the good news of Jesus with them. However, we've made this out to be more intimidating than it was meant to be. What if "sharing Jesus" could be a natural part of our everyday lives? During this series, we're going to discover 6 practical steps that will help us make a lasting impact on the people around us.
January 2017
Message: "Vision Sunday 2017"
Pastor Ronnie shares what we believe is in store for Relevant in 2017, and beyond.
5 Week Sermon Series
January - February 2017
Series: "What Makes You Happy"
Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody is on a happiness quest. For many, happiness is measured in moments. Experiences. It's elusive. Unsustainable. What about you? What makes you happy? In this 5-part series, we'll reveal what truly makes us happy. We'll explore the things all happy people have in common. Then we go on to discover how these things can be realities for you as well.
January 2017
Message: "Transformation Sunday: January 8"
Join us for Transformation Sunday as we look back over the last trimester and celebrate what God has done through worship, video stories, and baptism! Children's programs will only be available for birth–5 years old. We want our kids to join us at this gathering!
December 2016
Message: "Silent Nights"
When God is silent, we're tempted to think He's absent. That's why the Christmas story is so important. It reminds us that even when God is silent, He is never absent. Join us on Christmas Eve for a "down home" celebration featuring Christmas music and a message of hope. Childcare will be provided for children birth-5 years old. Visit to learn more about what to expect.
5 Week Sermon Series
November - December 2016
Series: "Prayer That Works"
We pray because we want to believe that God will answer, but sometimes it doesn't seem like He does. We often become frustrated with God and give up because our prayers don't seem to "work". Or perhaps we believe in the power of prayer, but not to the extent that God can work miraculously through it. Whatever your experience is with prayer, this series will equip you to pray with power as we look at how Jesus teaches us to pray in the Bible.
5 Week Sermon Series
October - November 2016
Series: "212"
We're at a defining moment in the life of Relevant, and a defining moment for each one of us as individuals. God is presenting us with an opportunity to see transformation - in our own lives, in our church, in our community, and in our world - like we've never seen before. We are about to take the largest step of faith we've ever taken as a church body, and we want to take it together.

To learn more about the 212 Initiative, visit
4 Week Sermon Series
September - October 2016
Series: "4 Arrows"
There's a reason every parent is hard-wired with protective instincts. It's one of our main jobs: to protect our kids from things that would harm them. But knowing when to protect versus when to let go can be really difficult. We don't want to shelter them. But we also don't want to allow their hearts to be unnecessarily damaged. In this 4-week series, we'll look at 4 destructive "arrows" and how we can guard our kids' hearts in a healthy way.
September 2016
Message: "7th Anniversary Celebration"
We celebrated Relevant's 7th Anniversary on Sunday, September 11th by looking back and praising God for what he's done this past year.

Click here to Download MP3 Audio from our Anniversary Gathering.
15 Week Sermon Series
May - August 2016
Series: "Difference Makers"
Throughout history the church has been marked by difference makers - people who refused to sit back. God has called Relevant to be a spiritual pillar in our local community. He has called us to make a difference, both as a united church body and as individuals. The question is, are we ready - as a church and as individuals - to be faithful to what God wants for us? Are we ready to be difference makers?
May 2016
Message: "Transformation Sunday"
Join us for Transformation Sunday as we look back over the last trimester and celebrate what God has done through worship, video stories, and baptism! Children's programs will only be available for birth–5 years old. We want our kids to join us at this gathering!

Click here to Download MP3 Audio from our May Transformation Gathering.
4 Week Sermon Series
April 2016
Series: "Our Brand Is Love"
In the book of John, Jesus told His followers, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." However, today Jesus' followers have become known as anything but loving. In fact, one of the main reasons people reject Jesus is because they perceive His followers as hateful. Obviously, this shouldn't be the case. We're going to look at 4 teachings from Jesus about the way we treat others, and how no matter what we do "right", we are nothing without love.
March 2016
Message: "Easter Sunday at Relevant"
We all have setbacks in life. Illnesses. Disappointments. Tragedies. When we're in the midst of suffering, it often seems like there's no hope; like things are over. But God sees the big picture. From His perspective, our setbacks are often just setups for comebacks. Our suffering often paves the way for Him to come through in a big way.
4 Week Sermon Series
February - March 2016
Series: "Knowing The Unknowable God"
The Bible is clear that God is ultimately incomprehensible to us; that is, we can never FULLY comprehend His whole being. So if we are to know God at all, it's necessary that He reveals Himself to us ... and He has! Even though we can't exhaustively understand everything about Him, we can still know Him intimately. In this four-week series, we look at some of the more mysterious attributes of God, and what those characteristics of God mean for our lives.
5 Week Sermon Series
January - February 2016
Series: "Unqualified"
When God asked Moses to set His people free from the captivity of the Egyptians, Moses was overwhelmed. In Moses' mind, he was unqualified. In God's mind, Moses was the perfect man for the job. God is calling each of us to a big mission today. But just like Moses, many of us have reservations.
January 2016
Message: "Vision Sunday 2016"
Pastor Ronnie shares what we believe is in store for Relevant in 2016, and beyond.
December 2015
Message: "An Unexpected Christmas"
When Jesus was born, people were expecting Him to be a political or military leader who would free them from Roman rule. But God went way beyond their expectations, instead bringing a Messiah who would save the entire world from sin and death ... for eternity. The Bible is littered with instances of God exceeding people's expectations, and He wants to continue to do that in our lives today. Join us for a Christmas Eve celebration featuring powerful music, video, and a message of hope.
4 Week Sermon Series
November - December 2015
Series: "Come Let Us Adore"
When Jesus was born, we see a beautiful picture of worship in the way the Wisemen approach Him. Some brought gifts, some bowed to their knees, some praised God with their words. Today, some of the ways we worship God are actually very similar to the Wisemen. In this 4-week series, we learn more about different ways we express worship to God, and why we worship in that way.
7 Week Sermon Series
October - November 2015
Series: "Joy-Killers"
We live in a great country, our basic needs are met, and we have ample opportunity to live a great life. So why aren't we content? Why do we continually search for happiness? The reality is, we're searching for joy. The kind of joy that doesn't run out and isn't based on our circumstances. We were actually created to experience this kind of joy in our lives. But many of us, including followers of Jesus, are not. In this series, we investigate true joy, and discover what is preventing us from experiencing it.
3 Week Sermon Series
September - October 2015
Series: "Your Marriage Can Thrive"
Every year, 2.3 million couples get married... and 1.2 million get divorced. It's no secret that marriage is hard. When Dr. Billy Graham - a legendary evangelist, author, husband and father - was asked, "What makes a marriage work?" he responded with three ingredients: a marriage needs 1) two very good forgivers, 2) spouses who accept each other's faults, and 3) a common spiritual affinity or oneness. During this 3-part message series we dig deeper into the ingredients for a thriving marriage.
September 2015
Message: "6th Anniversary Celebration"
On Sunday, September 13th, 2014, Relevant celebrated our 6th Year Anniversary. During our morning gatherings we looked back at what God has done in the last year, and over the last 6 years.
2 Week Sermon Series
August 2015
Series: "The Great Co-Mission"
When Jesus recruited His disciples Peter and Andrew, who were fishermen, he told them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Jesus would go on to teach these men how to be missionaries; people who carried out His mission of spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth. He calls us to the same mission today. We are ALL His missionaries. What mission field has God called you to specifically? And what's our specific mission field as a church?
13 Week Sermon Series
May - August 2015
Series: "Ephesians"
While under house arrest for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus, the apostle Paul wrote a letter to the church in Ephesus and declared two main themes: 1) that mankind has been reconciled - once and for all - to God through the work of Jesus Christ, and 2) how Christ-followers should practically live out this union with God and union with His body of believers, the Church. During this series we take an in-depth look at the book of Ephesians.
3 Week Sermon Series
April 2015
Series: "Pitfalls"
It's hard to go one way when everyone around you is going the other way. But God has called His followers to live a life that often looks different than the culture around us. In this series we'll look at 3 things that - though customary for those who don't follow Jesus - can easily draw our hearts away from God.
April 2015
Message: "Is Jesus Really the ONLY Way?"
In the Bible, Jesus claims that "I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life" and that "no one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). Quite a statement. Many people believe there are multiple ways to an "afterlife" and that Jesus was a good guy, but he's certainly not the ONLY way to heaven. What we have to wrestle with is this: if he isn't who he said he was, doesn't that make him a liar, or at least a little crazy? There's really no middle ground. Join us on Easter Sunday for a vibrant morning filled with powerful music, video, and a message exploring Jesus' audacious claims.
10 Week Sermon Series
January - March 2015
Series: "Filled"
If God is with us, if His Spirit is truly living in us, why do our lives feel so ordinary? What are we missing? Last series we talked about who the Holy Spirit is and how He works. In this series we turn our attention to how we personally experience the fullness of God's Spirit in our lives. What does it mean to be "filled with the Holy Spirit"? What is the fruit of God's Spirit dwelling in us? How do we "walk in the Spirit" as individuals and as a church community?
January 2015
Message: "Vision Sunday 2015"
Pastor Ronnie shares what we believe is in store for Relevant in 2015, and beyond.
December 2014
Message: "Fear Not"
Imagine the fear that Mary, a virgin, felt when an angel told her she was pregnant with the Son of God. What?! But in the midst of fear and questions, she chose to trust God. What are you afraid of? Don't you wish you could overcome fear and trust like Mary did? God offers us a way. Invite your friends and family, and join us for a Christmas Eve celebration!
6 Week Sermon Series
November - December 2014
Series: "God With Us"
Many Christ-followers have a good understanding of God the Father and of Jesus, God's Son. But when it comes to God's Holy Spirit, we're at a loss. We know He exists, but aren't sure why He's important. Before he ascended into heaven, Jesus told His disciples that it was better for Him to ascend into heaven so the Holy Spirit would come to us. Why is having the Holy Spirit in our midst so much better than having Jesus walk alongside us? Who is He? What does He do? And how do we encounter Him?
4 Week Sermon Series
October - November 2014
Series: "Together"
In the Bible, Acts 2 paints an incredible picture of the early church. They were together every day. Having everything in common. Sharing possessions. Giving to the poor. And God was working powerfully in their midst. This is true authentic community. How do we experience these kind of life-transforming relationships today? Relationships where we help each other grow. Where we do whole-life together. Where we live on a mission for God's glory. It doesn't just happen. We have to be intentional about it.
4 Week Sermon Series
September - October 2014
Series: "How To Train Your Dragon"
There are endless philosophies out there on how to best parent our kids. But the Bible is pretty clear. It tells us to train our kids in the way they should go, and when they're old they won't turn from it (Proverbs 22:6). Many parents are afraid of being controlling or making unpopular decisions, so we never train our kids in the ways of God. During this 4-week parenting series, we unpack 4 ways to aid - not hinder - our children's spiritual transformation.
September 2014
Message: "5th Anniversary Celebration"
On Sunday, September 7th, 2014, Relevant celebrated our 5th Year Anniversary. During our morning gatherings we looked back at what God has done in the last year, and over the last 5 years.
14 Week Sermon Series
May - August 2014
Series: "The Upside-Down Kingdom"
Numerous times in the New Testament, Jesus says things like "The Kingdom of God is like..." or "The Kingdom of Heaven will be like..." It must be important for us to recognize what God's Kingdom IS and WILL BE like. Otherwise why would Jesus talk about it so much? How do we enter God's Kingdom? And what does living in view of the Kingdom look like today? Join us for a summer-long series and learn how our understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven affects our lives here and now.
2 Week Sermon Series
April 2014
Series: "Alive"
Jesus has canceled our sin. Our debt is paid. Yet too often, we dwell so much on our sin instead of Jesus, and it's killing our hearts. Jesus wants your heart to be free. He wants you to experience life to its fullest! Join us on Sunday April, 20th for a powerful morning as we celebrate Jesus victory over the power of sin and death.
13 Week Sermon Series
January - April 2014
Series: "Crazy Love"
Whether we're talking about our families, friends, co-workers, or neighbors, we know we often don't love like we should. What's funny is that there's no shortage of "wisdom" out there about love. But the love that Jesus calls us to looks very different from pop-culture love. Thankfully, God has given us a guide in the Bible. Join us as we spend 13 weeks digging deep into 1 Corinthians 13 and learning how to reflect the Crazy Love that Christ has for us.
December 2013
Message: "Jesus Makes All Things New"
Christmas is a time of expectant hope. We hope for renewed relationships, fresh beginnings, and better days ahead. But above all of that, Jesus promises that He will make ALL things new, both now and for eternity.
4 Week Sermon Series
November - December 2013
Series: "Breathing Room"
Do you ever feel like you can't catch your breath? It's hard not to feel overwhelmed with the pace of life. A lot of us are living at our limits, and that makes it difficult to enjoy our lives. What we need is space. Margin. Room to breathe. But how do we create that? During one of the busiest times of the year, we're learning how to create Breathing Room in our time, money, and relationships.
8 Week Sermon Series
September - November 2013
Series: "Battle"
The Bible tells us we have an enemy who "prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." Which is why we find it hard to pursue Jesus, and the life He desires for us; why we are continually tempted by things we know will destroy our lives. But the same verse in the Bible also calls us to "resist him"; to resist his temptations; to stand firm; to fight back. That's an inspiring thought, but what does fighting evil really look like in our daily lives? Join us for an 8-week study of the armor of God and learn how to truly Battle.
14 Week Sermon Series
May - August 2013
Series: "The Story of Redemption"
The Bible is our source of truth. It's the basis for our songs, sermons and small groups. It's a vital part of having an interactive relationship with Jesus. But the Bible is also really complex. Many of us don't know where to start. So we don't. If we can understand how the Bible is put together, then the overall story will become clearer, and we'll be better equipped and more willing to actually read it. This summer, we're truly slowing down, growing deep, and developing a better overall understanding of the most important story ever told.
5 Week Sermon Series
March - April 2013
Series: "The Gospel-Centered Family"
We have a picture in our minds of what we want our families to look like. But there's a huge gap between the "Real" - what we're currently experiencing - and "Ideal". This gap makes us want to give up on the "Ideal" and just settle for the "Real". But God invites us to something different. His "Ideal" isn't about white picket fences and shiny, happy people. God leads us to create a family where we place Jesus at the center; where we treat each other as Jesus' treats us. Join us as we look at 4 pieces of advice for developing a Gospel-centered family.
10 Week Sermon Series
January - March 2013
Series: "The Shape of a Soul"
We use the word "transformation" a lot at Relevant. It's what we say we're all about. But what does the process of transformation look like? What part do we play? And what are we hoping to be transformed into? During this 10-week series, we're going to take a look at 9 different aspects of Christ-like character and dig deeply into the process of being transformed from the inside out. To get the most out of this series, we encourage you to utilize the tools below.
December 2012
Message: "What Does God Think of You?"
Many people picture God as a disapproving father, standing in the corner with his arms crossed, shaking his head. They feel they can't live up to the standard God has set, and so, He's upset with them. But if there's one thing we want you to hear this Christmas, it's that - in the midst of your brokenness - God loves you and wants you to come to Him just as you are. Join us at our Christmas Eve Gathering as we celebrate Jesus and dig deeper into what He thinks of us.
9 Week Sermon Series
October - December 2012
Series: "Personified"
We talk a lot about having a "relationship" with Jesus. But it seems so different than other relationships, doesn't it? Normally, we know people so well that we can describe their personality to others. But how well do we know Jesus? How well can we describe Him? When we become more familiar with the real Jesus, loving Him and following Him comes so much easier. Join us for the 9-week "Personified" series as we see how focusing on the human side of Jesus' personality can impact our relationship with Him today.
5 Week Sermon Series
September - October 2012
Series: "Living a Better Story"
If you were watching your life, as if it was a movie, would it be interesting? If you think about it, the elements that make up an engaging story also make up an engaging life. Things like risk, adventure, sacrifice, and love. But the reality is that many of our stories are routine and boring. The good news? We have the power to change that. Join us as we discover more about what makes a good story, why stories are important, and how we can live a better story than the one we're currently living.
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