The Story of Redemption
Series: "The Story of Redemption"
The Bible is our source of truth. It's the basis for our songs, sermons and small groups. It's a vital part of having an interactive relationship with Jesus. But the Bible is also really complex. Many of us don't know where to start. So we don't. If we can understand how the Bible is put together, then the overall story will become clearer, and we'll be better equipped and more willing to actually read it. This summer, we're truly slowing down, growing deep, and developing a better overall understanding of the most important story ever told.
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Sermon Notes & T-Life Guides
We have created fill-in-the-blank sermon note sheets to help you retain important information. Also, we've created a T-Life Guide for each week to help you connect the sermon topics to your everyday walk with Jesus. Click on a week title under the "Weekly Topic Breakdown" to access that week's sermon notes, T-Life Guide, and more.
The Book
Much of this series is based on Max Anders' book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible.
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Sermon Archive
The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating
April 2018
History's Great Mystery
April 2018
Within Reach
March 2018
Vision Night
February 2018
Follow Me
January - March 2018
Transformation Sunday: January 7
January 2018
December 2017
Ghosts of Christmas Past
December 2017
Give Thanks In All Things
November 2017
How to Be Rich: Living at 212°
October - November 2017
Trust Me: 5 Ingredients for Gaining Confidence in God
September - October 2017
8th Anniversary Celebration
September 2017
Work Your Faith
June - August 2017
Global Impact Sunday
May 2017
Transformation Sunday: May 14
May 2017
April - May 2017
Easter Sunday at Relevant
April 2017
Just Live It
February - April 2017
Vision Sunday 2017
January 2017
What Makes You Happy
January - February 2017
Transformation Sunday: January 8
January 2017
Silent Nights
December 2016
Prayer That Works
November - December 2016
October - November 2016
4 Arrows
September - October 2016
7th Anniversary Celebration
September 2016
Difference Makers
May - August 2016
Transformation Sunday
May 2016
Our Brand Is Love
April 2016
Easter Sunday at Relevant
March 2016
Knowing The Unknowable God
February - March 2016
January - February 2016
Vision Sunday 2016
January 2016
An Unexpected Christmas
December 2015
Come Let Us Adore
November - December 2015
October - November 2015
Your Marriage Can Thrive
September - October 2015
6th Anniversary Celebration
September 2015
The Great Co-Mission
August 2015
May - August 2015
April 2015
Is Jesus Really the ONLY Way?
April 2015
January - March 2015
Vision Sunday 2015
January 2015
Fear Not
December 2014
God With Us
November - December 2014
October - November 2014
How To Train Your Dragon
September - October 2014
5th Anniversary Celebration
September 2014
The Upside-Down Kingdom
May - August 2014
April 2014
Crazy Love
January - April 2014
Jesus Makes All Things New
December 2013
Breathing Room
November - December 2013
September - November 2013
The Story of Redemption
May - August 2013
The Gospel-Centered Family
March - April 2013
The Shape of a Soul
January - March 2013
What Does God Think of You?
December 2012
October - December 2012
Living a Better Story
September - October 2012
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