My Background
I am originally from Denver, CO, but moved to Lincoln, NE as I was going into high school. My wife, Kristy, and I initially met on the first day of high school in Spanish class. The first words I spoke to her were, "Is that your real eye color?" Sure, it was corny, but it worked on some level because we started dating four years later and were married in June of 2000 at the ripe old age of 20 years old. After a few brief attempts at college, we eventually moved to Chicago in 2001 where I graduated from Moody Bible Institute. In 2004, I took a job as a youth pastor in Birmingham, AL. It was nice getting out of the Midwest cold, but the people in the south could never get used to us calling carbonated beverages "pop." In 2006, I started and pastored a church in Birmingham. Previous to that I worked primarily with high school students for eight years.

Kristy and I have two beautiful daughters: Grace and Reese. Grace was born in 2005, and Reese was born in 2008. We moved to Omaha from Birmingham in November of 2008 after feeling called to start Relevant Community Church.
My Faith
I grew up going to church, but by the time I was in high school I thought Christianity was a joke. Like most people, I was looking for something to fill the longings of my heart, but never thought God was the one to fill it. I desired freedom more than anything, but thought God was the last person to give it. The whole God and Jesus thing just didn't seem real. So, I did what a lot of guys do...I turned to girls. After being in a sexual relationship with a girl for over a year, she informed me toward the end of my sophomore year that she might be pregnant. Thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm, but I knew something in my life needed to change. I was looking for fulfillment and freedom in the wrong places and was coming up short.

About that time I started attending Youth for Christ/Campus Life Clubs at my high school. I built a strong relationship with the club director who patiently showed me that Jesus Christ was the only person that could fulfill the desires of my heart, and give me true freedom. Deciding that I had nothing to lose, I opened myself up to the idea of God, and put my faith in Jesus Christ by asking him to forgive my sins and be the Leader of my life.

While my life is by no means perfect, and is still filled with ups and downs, Jesus is my true fulfillment. He has given me joy, hope, purpose and freedom. I believe being followers of Christ is what we were created for and what makes our lives worth living.
My Passion
To be a man of God, to love my wife, to be a great daddy, and to advance God's Kingdom as much as possible with the short amount of time I have been given
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Ronnie Rothe
Ronnie's Favorites
Top 5 Talent Themes for the Gallup StrengthsFinder: Activator, Focus, Futuristic, Self Assurance, Significance
Places: On a lake in a boat, a quiet coffee shop with a great book
Movies: 300, Braveheart, Gladiator, Top Gun
TV: SportsCenter, Shark Week, Seinfeld reruns, The Deadliest Catch
Teams: Denver Broncos, Chicago Cubs, Denver Nuggets
On my iPod: Everything from old school rap to Metallica
Books: The Bible, Wild at Heart, The Barbarian Way, anything on leadership
Past Times: Lifting weights, chillin' with family and friends, a good cigar, watching football, anything that gets my adrenaline going
Dislikes: drinking water if there's no Diet Coke, driving behind slow people, not being able to wear flip-flops all winter
Interesting Fact: Everyone in my family has their name tattooed on my body
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