Our Beginning
In August 2005, while serving as the youth pastor of a church in Birmingham, Alabama, Ronnie Rothe felt a strong conviction that since the Church is the hope of the world, strong spiritual leaders must be the hope of the Church. That day, Ronnie felt God calling him to be a pastor and lead His Church. In October 2007, while pastoring a church plant in Birmingham, Ronnie felt God calling him to plant a church in his home state of Nebraska, specifically in Omaha. After eight months of dedicated prayer, investigation, and surrender, God made it clear to Ronnie and his wife Kristy that He truly was calling them to plant a church in Omaha. Even though they were unsure of what the future would hold, they accepted God's calling on their lives, Ronnie resigned, and they relocated their family to Omaha in November 2008.

On Easter of 2009, Relevant had its first official worship service. From April through August that year, Relevant conducted five monthly worship services at Indian Creek Golf Course in Elkhorn. Finally, on September 13, 2009, Relevant officially launched weekly worship services.
Why Relevant?
The Christian life was meant to be an adventure. Church was meant to be exciting, transforming, and relevant; a place where people connect with God, no matter where they are in life. After surveying the spiritual culture of Omaha, it became clear that a large majority of people don't go to church because they haven't experienced what God created church to be. People believe that Christianity and church have become a boring, pointless tradition. For this reason, we decided on the name Relevant Community Church.
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