Family Care Team
The purpose of Relevant's Global Impact Ministry is to serve and empower the Karen community globally and locally in Jesus' name - bringing long-term transformation to their communities here in Omaha and in Burma/Thailand because Jesus calls us to go to "the ends of the earth".
About our Karen Family Care Team
Through volunteers on our Family Care Team, we are able to assist the families in learning English, developing skills to better acclimate to living in our country, as well as showing them all of the things our city has to offer. The focus of the Family Care Team is to develop relationships with the family and help meet whatever needs they have: understanding the mail they receive, learning to drive, shopping at the grocery store, helping their kids succeed in school, finding their way around the city, and more.
How We Take Care of a Karen Family
  • Apartment Setup: Then we work on making the apartment a home for each new family by cleaning, moving furniture, stocking cabinets, etc.
  • Airport Welcome: The time has come! We greet our family when they step off the plane!
  • Family Care Team Members: These are volunteers who make a 3-6 month commitment to visit the family for 1-2 hours at least twice a month and help them learn about living in Omaha.
  • Family Care Team Manager: This is a volunteer who makes a 9 month commitment to visit the family on a weekly basis and oversees the Family Care Team Members.
A Refugee's Journey to Omaha
Through the United Nations and numerous resettlement agencies, some refugees have the option to resettle in a third country. This requires them to go through an extensive process that includes interviews, medical examinations and a cultural orientation. This process is just the beginning steps of a refugee's journey.

After traveling for approximately 24 hours, refugees arrive in a new home such as Omaha in a foreign country they've never been to before, where they don't know the primary language and they must trust in the kindness of strangers to survive. Their case worker, fellow refugees in their community and perhaps a church or group of volunteers willing to sponsor and mentor them are the only connections they have in a new, confusing place.

A refugee receives hands-on services for their first 90 days. At that point, it's expected that they have their own job, and are self-sufficient. There are programs to assist them after this initial period, but they do not have an assigned case worker, etc. This area of resettlement is a primary place we have chosen to step and serve through our Global Impact ministry.
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