Engage at Relevant
Engage in 4 Main Ways
We believe the best way for your life to be transformed, and for you to be part of Relevant's mission of transformation, is by continually engaging in 4 main ways:
  1. Attend the Sunday gatherings ... because this is where we gather as a unified church to encounter God together. Also, we believe Sunday gatherings play a crucial role in launching our church out into groups and serving. We want to reach people far from Jesus and the church, so invite them to join you! Learn more about our Sunday Gatherings.
  2. Be part of a Group ... because transformation doesn't happen in isolation. We believe Groups are the best environment to continually Grow, Connect, and Impact with others from Relevant. Learn more about Groups.
  3. Serve on a team and in our Community and Global Impact opportunities ... because our lives exist to carry on Jesus' mission of transforming the world together. We believe the impact of serving together transforms our lives, our church, and the world. Learn more about Serving on a team, our Community Impact ministry, and our Global Impact ministry.
  4. Give Generously ... because generosity generates transformation. We believe our hearts are engaged where our "treasure" is. So the more financially generous we are: 1) the more engaged we are, 2) the more God transforms who we are, and 3) the more God's mission of transformation is achieved through us. Learn more about Giving.
Ronnie's Giving Sermon
Once you feel that Relevant is your church, fully engage in Relevant's mission of transformation by becoming part of the Volunteer Staff. Our Volunteer Staff are the people who create, own, and drive what we do at Relevant. Therefore, our Volunteer Staff experience the mission of transformation on a deeper level. Learn more about Volunteer Staff.
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