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The Current Reality for Many Couples
Every year 2.3 million couples get married ... and 1.2 million get divorced. Statistically speaking, many of our marriages are stale, neglected and full of resentment because we are stressed and overwhelmed, and lack the knowledge of how to improve. The Couples Ministry exists to give you hope for a better life together, a transforming marriage that is continually growing and strengthening spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

The way we see it, there are four common stages of marriage. Not everyone will experience all four, but many will recognize themselves in one or more:
  • Begin - This is the engagement period, and the first year or two of marriage. Young love. Everything he/she does is adorable ... but we still have questions.
  • Survive - You may feel more like roommates than marriage partners, going through the motions of life, and no one would guess that you wish for more.
  • Crisis - You may be planning your escape right now, this is just too hard and doesn't feel worth the fight.
  • Thrive - The two of you are walking in step, continually choosing each other, and yet aware that this takes work and intention.
Honestly answer these questions with Sometimes/Always/Rarely to get a better idea of which stage your marriage might be in:
  1. Do you look at other couples and think they must have a better relationship than yours?
  2. Is it difficult to speak in a positive way to your spouse?
  3. Do children add an extra layer of stress to your marriage?
  4. Do you fantasize about having a different life?
  5. Can you trust your spouse?
  6. Are you unhappy with your intimacy level/sex life?
  7. Do you find it easier to "let things go" for fear of "rocking the boat"?
  8. Do you question if you made the right choice in a mate?
  9. Do you (or your spouse) use porn/social media/chat sites in place of conversation and interaction with your spouse?
  10. Do you wish your spouse would talk with someone about your marriage issues?
If you answered a majority of the questions with "rarely": your marriage may be in the Thrive stage. Congratulations! You probably already realize that marriage takes work and intentionality, so keep honing your skills with Date Nights and Couples Retreats. See below for more information.

If you answered a majority of the questions with "sometimes": your marriage may be in the Survive stage. The focus has been on just getting through the day for so long, you've forgotten what it's like to feel like you are on the same team. This is a common place to be in marriage, but it doesn't have to stay that way. We offer Mentoring to help you identify weak areas in your relationship. See below for more information.

If you answered a majority of the questions with "always": your marriage may be in the Crisis stage. There is a real threat that you will not make it, and you don't know how to change it. There is no shame in being here, but there is a need to reach out and talk with someone. There are people who want to help. See Navigators and Couple-to-Couple Mentoring below.
How Our Couples Ministry Can Help
Our vision for the Couples Ministry is to assist Relevant Community Church in cultivating great marriages. We want to be the church known for strong marriages, where people want to come learn how to not just survive in their marriages, but thrive.

You chose who you would marry - and a thriving marriage keeps choosing:
  • Choosing Christ, individually and within your marriage
  • Choosing your spouse over all others
  • Choosing to intentionally show love and respect
  • Choosing to have fun together
  • Choosing to allow each other to grow and change over the years
If you're marriage is in Crisis, meeting with our Navigators is a great first step. Our "lay counselors" (not professionals) are couples that are trained to help you determine what the next steps are for your marriage. It might be to get connected with a mentor couple or regular meetings with the Navigator couple, or possibly get connected with more professional marriage counseling. Simply fill out the form on this page, check the "I'd like to meet with a Navigator Couple" box, and a Navigator will contact you.

Couple-to-Couple Mentoring
Studies show that 84% of people in churches say they want a marriage mentor; someone who has come before you and blazed a trail, and is willing to show you the way. But only 22% of those people report having marriage mentors. We provide Couple-to-Couple Mentoring to give you people who have been right where you are: overwhelmed, bored, discontent, or desiring to improve. We believe the best way to mentor marriages is by having couples spend time together, sharing life experiences. Use the sign-up form on this page to find out more or get connected to a marriage mentor couple.

Marriage Events & Retreats
We offer a yearly Couples Retreat where we get away overnight and hear solid teaching from marriage experts. The goal is to give you time to intentionally invest in your marriage by providing tools and removing distractions. Check out the Events page for upcoming retreat information.

We setup Date Nights throughout the year to give you time alone and to remind you how much you enjoy that person you committed your life to! Just drop the kids off with us, pick up our date night questions, and go out and enjoy each other! Check out the Events page for upcoming event information.

Nearlywed-Newlywed Group
Are you engaged or recently married? Congratulations on making one of the biggest and most important decisions of your life! Now what? We offer a group for newly committed couples and those who have been married for two years or less. It's an opportunity to learn more about what the Bible says about marriage, and to help you get off on the right foot. If you have wondered how to have a successful marriage, this is a chance for you to meet with seasoned couples and ask anything. Topics covered will include conflict resolution and communication, dealing with family and friends, money and intimacy. You can sign up for the next Nearlywed/Newlywed Group in either September or January in our Groups catalog on the Groups page (click on Browse Short-Term Groups).

Check out our Pre-marital page to learn more about pre-marital counseling and to request a Relevant Pastor for your wedding day.
Couples Ministry Leadership
Jennifer and Scott Marion
We are Scott and Jennifer Marion, married for over 20 years now, most of them happy! We agreed to coach the Couples Ministry not because we have a perfect marriage, but because we believe marriage is a reflection of Christ and His love for the church. This high honor given to marriage makes it a target for constant attack and an easy place for us to feel weak. We don't believe that we have the ability to fix anyone's marriage, not even our own, but we do believe in a God who can, and we are eager to help you tap into a transformed marriage.

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Join Our Team
Our ministry relies on volunteers who are passionate about transforming marriages. We especially need Mentor Couples in order to make our vision a reality. If you are interested in volunteering on any level and would like more information, please contact us using the contact form on this page. Perfect marriages need not apply; we are all on a journey to transformation, made up of broken people.
Contact Form
Fill out the form below and one of our Couples Coaches, Scott and Jen Marion, will follow up with you. The form is confidential and only Scott and Jen will see it.





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