Who Should Be Dedicated?
Child Dedications are for newborn babies and young children and are not to be confused with Baptism or Salvation. Although many churches baptize babies, Relevant understands Baptism to be only for those who are old enough to place their faith in Jesus as the Forgiver of their sins and the Leader of their life. Since only faith in Jesus saves a person, dedicating a child does not offer the child salvation. In Baby Dedication, a parent is dedicating their child to God and God's will for the child's life.
What Does Dedication Include?
Parents make a promise to God, in front of the church, that they will raise their child for God and toward an intimate relationship with Jesus. The parents are promising to live their lives in God's love, making Jesus attractive to the child. The body of Relevant agrees to support the parents as they make this decision to raise the child for God.
Why Do We Dedicate Children?
We dedicate our children for several reasons. First, we dedicate our children to commit ourselves to lead our children toward a relationship with Jesus, and to be an example of Jesus to them. Second, we dedicate our children to take a stand for God before our friends and family, so there is no doubt why we do what we do. Third, we dedicate our children to prepare and commit the church to assist us in this awesome responsibility.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. ~Proverbs 22:6~
What Are The Requirements Of The Parents?
Children learn by example, not by what we tell them. Parents who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus cannot lead a child toward a relationship with Jesus. This means that at least one of the child's parents must have placed their faith in Jesus as the Forgiver of their sins and the Leader of their life. It also means he or she has made the promise to God that the child will be brought up in a way that pleases God.
When Are Child Dedications Held At Relevant?
Child dedications take place three times a year, during the first Sunday of March, July and November, at the Gathering of your choice. If you would like to dedicate your child, fill out this form. Contact Nick Petrick at with questions.
Dedication Sign-Up
If you are interested in child dedications, fill out our Child Dedication interest form here.
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