October Safe Haven Update
October 10, 2017 by Relevant Community

Thank you for continuing to invest in, pray for, and support Safe Haven Orphanage on the Thai/Burma border! Check out this month’s update for news and prayer requests from Safe Haven!


Note from Tasanee


Here is a note from Tasanee we received a few weeks ago that I wanted to pass along to you…


To all of Relevant Community Church in the United States of America,


I want to thank you for your love, integrity, and kindness. I really appreciate what you have been doing in supporting Safe Haven Orphanage for many years. I am really proud of you, because you are doing your best for the children and are helping them have a future. You have my gratitude. I want to show my great appreciation to my Relevant Community Church friends who help me and support Safe Haven Orphanage.


In August, we built a covered playground area for the children. When we were building, a team from the military came to help us build. These pictures show the play area, but it is not yet finished. We will put a wall around the area to protect it from getting wet inside when it rains.



Thank you for supporting Safe Haven Orphanage. I am able to do many things because of your generous donations, including repairing a building, fixing a car, working on the cafeteria, and to go towards improvements needed at Safe Haven to improve the sanitation and hygiene system to follow standard guidelines. Without your financial support, we would not be able to reach our goal to register as a foster home (to enable children to live at Safe Haven until age 20 to finish their schooling if they had a late start to their education).

The one thing we can do for you is remember you in our prayers every day. May God bless you all.


Kind Regards,




Sickness at Safe Haven


Due to the rainy season, several of the kids and staff members have been sick in the past month. Sadly, as was shared in a prayer request update a couple weeks ago, a boy new to the orphanage, who had never received any vaccinations caught a virus and ended up passing away due to encephalitis.

(Nikom, right, and some of the children and others from Safe Haven at the burial service for the young boy who passed away)


H1N1 in Thailand/Burma 


There has been an increase in the number of cases of H1N1 influenza virus on the Thai/Burma border. Fortunately, because of Relevant’s generosity, Tasanee was able to take all of the children and adults, on several trips to Mae Sot, to get the H1N1 vaccine to protect those at Safe Haven from this virus.



Sombat’s Family

Some of the children at Safe Haven still have living parents. Usually due to financial reasons or for the children’s safety aren’t able to care for their kids, thus the kids grow up at Safe Haven where they can be cared for, provided for, and sent to school. This past Sunday, I received news that Sombat’s biological mother drowned in the river yesterday. Tasanee had to be a part of the team that recovered her body from the river. Sombat (a boy) lives at Safe Haven with his older brother and younger sister. They have an older brother, in 9th grade, who lived with their mother. The children’s father passed away back in 2009.


(Sombat, second from the left, and his siblings at the funeral service for their mother)



Prayer Requests


From what you’ve already read, you can see that Safe Haven has faced heartbreaking times in the past few weeks. Please pray for peace, comfort, and an assurance of God’s presence for all those at Safe Haven as they mourn the loss of the boy who died from encephalitis.


Pray also for Sombat and his brothers and sister as they now face the days ahead without their biological mother or father. Pray that they’ll feel Father God’s love for them in a way they never have before. Pray for their Safe Haven brothers and sisters as they love and support them during this difficult time. Pray for Sombat’s older brother, who Tasanee is encouraging to continue his education.


Pray for strength for Tasanee as she leads, guides, loves on, directs, and mothers all of the children at Safe Haven. Pray for spiritual protection over her against the attacks of Satan. Pray that the Holy Spirit fills her with supernatural strength to face the days ahead and do all that God has given her to do as the director of Safe Haven.


Pray for the health, safety, and protection over the children at Safe Haven. Pray that all the children will put their faith in Jesus, grow in relationship with Jesus, and live for Him in a way that others see the goodness in them and in turn glorify God as a result of the transformation He has done in them.


“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” (Revelation 21:4)


Mark your calendars! The next team from Relevant will be heading to Safe Haven Friday, October 20 to Sunday, October 29. Be praying for each of the team members: Jerry Rainey, Matt Anderson, Mark Gusse, Al Renner, Jack Uleman, and Josh Uleman. Pray for boldness, courage, and protection physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as they travel to Safe Haven. Pray for God to use them however He desires to. Pray that God will generate transformation in and through their lives, because of their their obedient steps of faith and trust in embarking on this trip.

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